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Today was my first day back with my therapist, I’m super excited because I am back with my original one, which I love so much. As a teenage girl, it is always hard to know who you can trust with the thoughts going on in your head. Yes we trust are friends and family but sometimes we need to talk about the random things that we think about that are more personal. Like the things we think about throughout the day and the way, we are reacting to things.

As I sat in today’s session she began it with going over what I had talked about last time which was exactly more than a year ago today. I was so shocked with the changes in my attitude and my view on life. It was kinda scary to hear about how depressed I was and how dark my thoughts got. She kept saying how much I’ve changed since then and I am so excited because that means I am so much closer to overcoming that time in my life.

It’s strange how every day seems so normal and similar yet I have had a flip in the way I act and the way I think. This time last year I was suicidal and I judged the people around me so much to the point where I hated myself for that. Now I seriously love myself and how positive I’ve become and how all my little tricks on finding joy and happiness are paying off.

In three days I will be complete with BEDIJ, but this adventure will not stop. I can’t wait to see how much more I can improve this time next year.

My tip today is: surround yourself with positive people if you don’t have anyone super positive be that person. change the subject when it gets to negative and keeps your friends upbeat by showing them how much you love them and how much you support them and care about them.This has been my go-to thing for positivity, especially now because I realized this has become a habit and I do it all the time without realizing it.

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO


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