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Today was really fun, I went to breakfast with my mom then went and saw the new movie hidden figures. This movie is quite amazing, I wanted to smack some sense into some of the people in the movie but in the end they kinda did it themselves.

I would love to be able to say that understand what they went through but I don’t I can only sympathize for them. When I was in The fourth grade I want to school with one of our foster kids should we share a room together so I have known her very well. Through the year this kid decided to call her dark chocolate because her skin tone. Let’s just say she stood up for yourself and we all got  taken to the principles. 

Funny thing about this whole story is that me and her became best friends with this boy. Even today she still talks to him. Just like in the movie you think these two people are going to be totally enemies but they end up respecting each other in the end. I’ll never forget the day that my sister decided to stand up for herself and show him a piece of her mind and how what he said wasn’t right. 

Tips for finding joy in every day life:

  • Stand up for yourself and for the people around you. No one deserves to be hurt or be pushed out based on anything. This will bring joy not just to yourself but to the people around you too.

Your daily dose of me today it is a link to a song I’ve been listening to-

A song you may have already listened to

I love you all, 

 Hailey XOXO 😘 


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