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BEDIJ #31 The finale

How do I begin to wrap up this month long journey?

It was fun yet difficult to come up with something new and interesting everyday. If you look back at the older BEDIJ’s you can tell a couple of times I didn’t know what to do so I kept it short and simple. 

So what have I learned?-

  1. I am horrible at keeping up with my reading, the book I started I haven’t even gotten half way through. I don’t know why cause its a great book but I haven’t motivated myself to read it. 
  2. I can get things done if I put my mind to it. 
  3. Even when I’m having a horrible day there shouldn’t be any excuse why I can’t blog. 

These things aren’t huge but they are slowly changing how I see blogging and plans for the future.

Ukulele is so much fun and super simple to learn. I highly suggest learning it or at least some type of instrument. It boosts confidence and makes you feel epic especially when you’re able to bust out a specific song right away.

Things I’ve learned about myself-

  1. I’m really good at improv writing.
  2. I suck at posting on time, yes everything was posted in the same 4 hour radius but not at the same time. Especially this one 😛
  3. I like change, my friend cali boy said this to me a couple weeks ago. He said the way for him to be happy is for things to change. I realized I’m the same yet I’m confined to where my parents go till  I turn 18. So I change my room, my blog style, my routines and the friends I focus on. 
  4. I’m so clumsy I ran into at least 10 people today and tripped over my own feet more than I can count. 

These things keep me and my friends on our toes. I do the unexpected and enjoy people’s reactions as I grow as a person and drag them along with me. 

This movie is so good, I can’t get over the final performance. The whole thing is beautiful. You should watch it. 

I wil be back in a week to begin February and to lead the new generation of outlaws.

Peace out for now, 



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