The beauty in the simple things-

This month for my happiness project is learn something new and discover.

So I’m taking on some new challenges, from pursuing friendships with people I’ve never really truely got to know to getting back into my relationship with God and discovering all that he can do through me.

My past isn’t gonna change but I’m sure going to.

Tonight I had a game night, I was ready for 15+ people to show up but instead there was 9 which included my family of five. I was upset, It was hard getting text after text of people of people cancelling or having other plans. Then I realized I had exactly what I needed in that room. My family, my best friend and a kitchen table surrounded by people that I love.

When we took June bug home the song you can’t always get what you want came on and one line says “you cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find you get what you need” I just thought back to how I was feeling and that night I got exactly what I needed.

This relates to life to, there’s many moments when things go wrong but the truth is it went right because you might have just gotten exactly what you needed.

See you guys tomorrow with more randomness

Lets do this!




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