Living life 

As you go through high school you learn a lot about people and yourself. I have spent the last week enjoying just seeing what happens if I say yes. I ended up going to church with my family, made chocolate banana tarts and had a game night with friends. I have made plans to go to a leadership camp this summer and do an internship with a church in September. But in the near future I’m going to a conference, than moving then going to an NF concert. 

All these things seem small but they are keeping me motivated to keep trying and succeeding in life. 

I’m super excited to graduate because I can already tell there are so many things I will have the opportunity to do.

As a human being we always look for an anchor in our life. Some people cling to significant others or friends and family. Then there are those people who cling to God when things get rough. 

I put my anchor in myself which is a horrible decision because I let myself down so much. So this month I want to learn how to ground myself in God and how to put my anchor in something solid. This is so when I go to make decisions as life moves forward I make the right decisions.

This life of mine can’t only be about me anymore. My decisions are gonna effect the people around me and I need to be able to make the right ones.

See you soon.



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