Valentine’s Day!

Well how do I start this post… I’ll give you a quick run down of my day.

  1. Woke up felt like puking went to school anyway.
  2. Gave June bug and jelly stuffed animal horses for Valentine’s Day presents.
  3. Went to one class and felt so sick I texted my mom to pick me up.
  4. Went home slept till 3, got up argued with my brother about playing Xbox when he wasn’t supposed to.
  5. Decided to work on a sewing project for an hour. 
  6. Did homework, took a shower and went to bed. 

This whole time feeling like my stomach was trying to eat me alive.

So ya that was the lamest Valentine’s Day ever.

I thought I would bring up the whole idea though of how ” you should treat your significant other like this everyday not just on Valentine’s Day” 

I’m sorry but I don’t have the money to be constantly giving people candy. I love my friends and family but Valentine’s Day is like a birthday it only happens once a year for a reason. 

If I had a significant other I would rather just get an extra hour of their time then a ton of corny gifts. I understand the idea behind it but seriously why do you need a ton of flowers and candy to know that someone loves you or cared about you. 

You should feel like that everyday without them needing to buy you anything. Yes by your girl flowers to show her you care but don’t make it a huge deal. It’s just another cheesy holiday.

See ya tomorrow


P.s that picture at the top is from my favorite movie 13 going on 30


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