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Other people’s dreams-

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like everyone has an Idea of who you’ll become and what you’ll do with your life. Then there’s those people who say “be you ignore them they don’t control you”.  But who’s really right in the end?

Both of these types of people I have in my life. 

The idea for this blog post came from a guy I talked to at my sisters church this weekend. He pulled me aside and started suggesting things I should do in my life and how I should be praying for them to happen. Let’s get this cleared up I have never spoken to this guy before today. He knew nothing about me other than I play music and am Christian. He was bringing up changing churches, making sacrifices and praying. 

I agree with most of what he said other than the fact that he knew nothing about me and was suggesting things I should do with my life without knowing my hopes and dreams or what god has In store for me.

Than there’s my parents who just want me to get good grades. 

My grandmother wants me to go to college.

My sister wants to travel together.

My teachers want me to go to college and get my degrees in something.

My friends don’t care because they  have their own issues to deal with.

With all these different options in our lives how is anyone supposed to decide what to do when everyone around them has some type of opinion.

I’d love to say I have my whole life planned out but I don’t. I have ideas but no plans which I think is good.

I read this article and it says⤵️

This is like mind blowing stuff, cause if you think about it God has a plan for our lives. He has the beginning of our lives planned out to the end of our lives. He knows how we’re going to die and he knows how we’re going to live. Yeah we can get into the whole argument of free will but there’s nothing that can argue that he already knows what’s going to happen. This quote here literally states 

Never let the excitement of your dream out please the wisdom of God has for how you get to your dream

Because yeah you’re going to make decisions and you’re going to make a bad decision sometimes but God has a way for you if you let him lead you. This quote literally shook my life when I read it. Because it’s exactly what God wants us to do with our lives he wants us to follow him and believe that he knows the way. The question is are you ready to follow him?


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