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-Thrive 2015, aurora conference 2016, women of faith 2016, and encounter 2017-

All these conferences have been super fun and interesting. But what now??

If you are a church kid you probably are like me and have been to so many church events that you can’t even remember all of them. I’ve gone to 4 actual full on conferences. I’ve cried and I’ve realized tons of things about myself but what now what am I supposed to do now that I’ve been 

engaged ➡️established➡️equipped 

This is one of the main points my sisters church talks about and I loved it today cause I finally realized how it works in my life.

I have been Engaged with God and reading my bible and going to church. Then I established my place in the church singing on worship teams. I’ve been equipped with the knowledge of God. Now it is time to empower others. 

These conferences have been equipped us all not just to start someday but to start today in our journey to empowering and bringing others to Christ.

We can do this by making ourselves available not just for God to speak through us but to transforms us into the being able to have faith. Faith isn’t about an outcome it’s about an outlook.

Your someday is today, you can be transformed and equipped to reach and empower others today through your faith in Christ.



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