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Last months happiness project recap-

Last month was crazy I want to a conference, I met new people and I  was seriously trying to discover something new in life. It’s difficult as a high school student to discover new things when you’re limited to the things around you. I discovered so much about myself though and the lifestyle that I want to live. Things get really crazy when you’re growing up. You go from a little kid who knows nothing about the world and the people around them to a young adult who is learning every day that life is so much more than they think it is.

I’ve made friends that have huge dreams for their lives and goals. I realize that every person has the same idea of life yet some of them haven’t excepted that it could actually happen to them. Logan Paul is a YouTuber I like him because of his hard work and endurance. He made 1 hundredth Vlog video where he States that every year he wants to be able to say this is the best year ever. He hasn’t stopped working for what he wants he keeps going and going until he gets it. I want to do the same thing I want to be able to work hard and get what I want from working hard.

Every day I feel like I’m getting more and more pumped for life I’m getting excited to keep going and for the future ahead. This months discovery challenge has pushed me even further because I’m just more curious about the world around me. Yes I have people against me and yes I have haters but guess what none of that’s going to stop me from achieving what I want in life.

I’m gonna leave you on this note no matter what anyone tells you you can do whatever you want if you try. 

Thank you so much, see you next time outlaws



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