It’s over?!?!

Okay okay before you say anything about me not finishing my happiness project I’m gonna recap on what has happened in my life so far this year and why I think my project has come to an end.

It all began with a blog post-

In January I decided to blog every single day for a month which was an amazing experience and made me realize if I put my mind to something it will get done.

In February I started posting really randomly and lost the motivation for why I started this blog in the first place, I was focused on the future and the people around me but not on what was happening in the now. 

In March I totally dropped the ball and gave up. My head was foggy and I was dealing with things I didn’t want to write about.

In April I started putting my life back together I had a quick refresh but I’m back now. And better than ever if I say so myself.

So where am I? what am I doing? What’s gonna happen? All will be answered soon.

First of the happiness project is done with because it was putting to much of a format to this blog when it is supposed to be free range and for everything on my mind. Not just the constant improvement side of me.  I also think I have achieved what the goal that the happiness project was made for. Which was to find happiness in everyday life and improve my quality of life without changing who I am. Which I believe has been achieved ( I’ll go more indepth on this if wanted- comment below if you want more)

Now we can move on because I definitely have already. 

This blog is going back to its roots of random high school drama and memories, tips and randomness. Because that was when I was having the most fun with it.

This last stretch of school is gonna fly by and I’m super excited to share it with you all.

So welcome back outlaws for season 2 😘

– H 


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