Welcome back!!

Hey, it has been a while, if you used to read my posts you probably were confused when I said I was gonna start writing again and didn’t. So first off sorry, I thought I was ready to start writing again but I wasn’t ready to face the reality that was my life. On the bright side though is that I’m back and better than ever.

Here’s a quick Summary of what has happened,

  • I Graduated!!!
  • I turned 17
  • I changed churches again but this time I am truly happy.
  • I decided to join the Army national guard so I will be gone for a bit when I leave for training.
  • I was in a relationship but it ended not so well, but I’m slowly realizing that I need to stop letting things go on for so long when I notice that something is not right.
  • I also made some new amazing friends that have seriously changed my life

My mindset has completely changed and so have most of my goals. I still want to travel but I also want to go to college and maybe start my own business. Who knows what will end up happening but I am so excited for it all.

In the next few weeks, you should expect more in depth stories of how the rest of my school year went and how I got to where I am now and also just some basic what I’ve learned and how I have changed because of events that occurred.

I can’t wait to dive back into blogging and dig deeper.




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