Graduation, New Friends and church (Update on my life)

Okay, let me tell you those last few months of school were so stressful. It was like a circus act trying to keep my grades up. I was waiting on one grade from my Government teacher to come in and I was so scared I wasn’t gonna pass but ended up passing all my classes and graduating.

Prom was during the last few months,  which wasn’t the best. I went alone because the guy I asked wouldn’t take the time to come by my school and sign the paper he needed.  The friends I cared about weren’t able to go and the people who did go were just as boring as the dance itself. At least I can say I went to my senior prom though.

It was probably a month or two before school ended when I made a couple new friends. The funny thing was that I had gone to school with one of them for a whole year and we had never really talked until then. We ended up all bonding in P.E class and became really good friends. They invited me to their church (which is the church I go to now). They both were just so kind and were able to see past the cloud of peoples opinions that had formed around me throughout the school year and they helped me push past it all and realize that I could get through it. (They probably don’t realize the impact they’ve had on my life but I don’t know where I would be without them.)

As I said they invited me to their church, I was shocked at first because I didn’t think I would like it because it was a lot different from the churches I had been to in the past. The church itself is Pentecostal so the beliefs are slightly different but very similar to what I was used to. The shocking part was the people and the worship. Everyone, there is super open when I talk to them, they are also super kind and greeted me with open arms and open hearts. The worship is crazy awesome. It’s the first time I had seen people of all ages truly pour their hearts out to God and not care one bit about how they looked or how loud they were being. It is amazing and I love going, every time there is something going on I get super excited. church for me has gone from a chore that I had to do to something that I get to do. My mindset towards God has also changed in so many ways such as the way I am able to talk to him about everything like he is my best friend and I don’t feel as closed off because I know he cares and loves me so much, especially because I’m filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. (which is new for me)

Some other things I want to mention: My graduation was small and short. After that, I enjoyed my high school freedom, went to a leadership camp that changed my life (there will be a seperate post on that) went to Seattle and did all the fun tourist stuff there. I also got into a relationship and out of it in the span of 3 weeks. Then I went on my first Youth camping trip a week ago, and now I am completing all the steps to become enlisted in the Army National Guard. Ta da you ‘re all caught up on the craziness I call my life.

In the next few months, I will be:

  • Getting my drivers license which has been the most time consuming and annoying thing ever.
  •  Finishing up the enlistment process.
  • Getting a job so I can start saving up
  • Decide what I want to do for college
  • Then hopefully once I am enlisted I will know when basic will be and my career training so I can plan out some road trips and adventures to go on.

That’s about it for now.




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