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Dealing with rejection

Rejection is one of the hardest things to deal with:

well, at least it used to be for me. I used to always get super upset whenever I was rejected especially by guys. In the last few weeks though I was rejected by a guy I really liked and I actually got over it super quick (it also helped that he still wanted to be friends). Then on Tuesday, I got notified that my application for the Army national guard was rejected because of my issues with depression in the past, but again I got over it really fast.

Both of these things would have torn me apart before, but I decided to not let them. When The guy I liked said no, I accepted it and just reminded myself that God has a plan and if this guy was supposed to be apart of my life I needed to wait for Gods timing. When it came to the military rejecting me things were a bit different, I immediately started crying when my recruiter left and I got super scared of what I was gonna do because I had no plan B. Then something happened though that changed my whole mindset on the situation. Right, when I started crying the server at the coffee shop we were at put her work down and came around from the counter. I told her what happened and she told me it wasn’t my fault and God obviously had a different plan for me and this was his way of saying no.

I sat there for a couple minutes but then decided that I wasn’t gonna let that hold me back. I got up and left and walked to Starbucks. For the past few weeks, I had been trying to get a job there and I determined to get the job so I went there and made sure they took my name and number so the manager could call me.

When I got home I realized that I was so tired of people judging me on my past and I realized I was doing the same thing to myself. That afternoon I gathered all my old journals and anything that reminded me of my past emotions and issues, and I boxed it all up, duck taped it then put it somewhere where I wouldn’t be reminded of it.

I have no time anymore to stay in the past. I want to learn from it and move on.

So that’s how I learned to deal with rejection, I let myself cry about it, but then I moved on and found a better use of my time than letting it consume me.

If you have any rejection tips or stories comment down below




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