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Last months happiness project recap-

Last month was crazy I want to a conference, I met new people and I  was seriously trying to discover something new in life. It’s difficult as a high school student to discover new things when you’re limited to the things around you. I discovered so much about myself though and the lifestyle that I want to live. Things get really crazy when you’re growing up. You go from a little kid who knows nothing about the world and the people around them to a young adult who is learning every day that life is so much more than they think it is.

I’ve made friends that have huge dreams for their lives and goals. I realize that every person has the same idea of life yet some of them haven’t excepted that it could actually happen to them. Logan Paul is a YouTuber I like him because of his hard work and endurance. He made 1 hundredth Vlog video where he States that every year he wants to be able to say this is the best year ever. He hasn’t stopped working for what he wants he keeps going and going until he gets it. I want to do the same thing I want to be able to work hard and get what I want from working hard.

Every day I feel like I’m getting more and more pumped for life I’m getting excited to keep going and for the future ahead. This months discovery challenge has pushed me even further because I’m just more curious about the world around me. Yes I have people against me and yes I have haters but guess what none of that’s going to stop me from achieving what I want in life.

I’m gonna leave you on this note no matter what anyone tells you you can do whatever you want if you try. 

Thank you so much, see you next time outlaws


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Happiness project: Adulting 

The pic is of a mouse I found at Home Depot and gave a little bit of my granola bar to. 

Okay gonna be totally honest I forgot to post. I’ve been pretty busy which is odd because I’m usually not that busy.

I’ve been killing this good grade thing, I got all A’s and B’s. I’ve been working hard and getting things done.

I’ve hung out with friends and family. I’ve gotten out of the house almost everyday today I haven’t left though. 

Life is good.

Now let’s get to the pint of this post Adulting. This ties into last months discover something new which I will be recapping in my next post. 


  1. Make a list of things I need vs what I want. 
  2. Start saving, like actual saving not randomly thinking Starbucks is a necessity and pulling money out.
  3. Make some actual plans for this summer.
  4. Get up earlier. I literally wake up 30 min to as late as 15 minutes before I have to be out the door. It’s not good.
  5. Is the extra time to pack lunch and watch how much I eat.
  6. Finally pack, because my family and I will be moving by the end of this month.

Life’s gonna be getting crazy soon and Adulting is something I’m just gonna have to start doing. So why not start now.

Why start tomorrow when you can start today, because your somedays can be today.

Let’s do this outlaws,


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My happiness project for this month is over. Time to go on next month’s one which is organizing. First I want to go over last month which was routines.I would say it went really well I feel like I got a lot done and got a ton of routines started. Especially at night I have gotten into routine of making sure I take off my make up before I go to bed and making sure that I get in bed early enough. (even though last night I stayed up playing Monopoly with some friends)  and getting my homework done. I’m onto my last couple weeks of school for the semester. Personally I think it went really well I don’t know if I got done exactly what I wanted to but I definitely accomplish something which makes me very proud.In December I’m gonna be working on organizing. I’m pretty organized already but it is know the point where I just need to work  on incorporating my goals into it. Like finding time to hang out friends and getting to the point where I feel like my life is put together a bit more than it is now. This month is gonna be really fun and really stressful because I have a lot of tests. That just means that I need to be a bit more organized help relieve some of that stress in my life.

What do I plan on doing:

  • Having a schedule time for studying for finals.
  • Start saving money for specific things and keeping it organized.
  • Have a point in the week to go over what I got done and what I need to get done.
  • Work with my parents to figure out how we’re going to get me to and from school especially since it’s getting colder. 
  • Figure out things to do during winter break so that I’m not sitting around at home.

Some of these things probably aren’t as important as some other ones. I have gotten to the point though in the year where organization is key. Hope you guys are as excited as I am for December and for the holidays. Have a wonderful week and remember stay positive and look at yourself the way that God looks at you because you are amazing, beautiful and wonderfully made.

Love Hailey XOXO

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What have I been up to? What am I planning right now? Well, this is what this whole post will be about.

  • On the 19th my YouTube Channel is going live and we will be posting once a week

To be prepared for that I have videos planned out to create a unique channel trailer. It is so hard to find time to film with my sister though and I’m hoping that everything works out fine.

  • Next Thursday I have a dance at my school

Nothing much I have to do other than just planning out my outfit and makeup.

  • My cousins are coming to town

I just really need to make sure that our house is clean so my mom doesn’t stress out.

  • I have Finals next week and I’m not stressing out I’m just nervous.

How I review for my finals is create a giant study guide combination of all my notes. I also will read through the chapters and create a study page with questions from the chapter.

  • I have a couple things I have to do because my family is moving around march

Mainly just do some spring cleaning and getting rid of some random stuff that I have somehow gotten in my closet.

  • I am also working on getting involved in my church. (if you didn’t know I switched churches)

Which means getting back into worshipping because I miss it so much. There is such a difference when you lead people in worship than just worshipping on your own. I don’t know why but for me it’s so different.

That’s about it but I bet more will come up at some point. I really hope that you guys are staying organized and having a lovely week.

Notice** I will be posting every-other-day for the next week because I really need to be studying for my finals.

Love you all,

Hailey XOXO

Happiness Project

I’ve got my head in the clouds…

Have you ever gone through the day not really getting anything done but you’re there praticipating?

That was me today I went to school I did the things but I didn’t really interact with anyone I just did what I had to do so I could get home and sleep. If you can’t tell I had horrible sleep last night I stayed up practically all night not being able to fall asleep.

If you’re a High School student you understand the struggles of trying to keep a routine sleeping schedule. From the usual distracions of life to the difficulties of just trying to stop your mind from creating horrible situations. People are always trying to suggest things to me but they never work here are a few:

  • Put away technology, I tried this and I just sat there not tired at all for the whole night.
  • Read , Nope I get way to involved in the book and end up staying up all night reading.
  • Exercise, I get super hyper.

None of these work but I learned a few things from them, 1) I need voices or some type of noise to fall asleep. 2) Going to bed early helps because by the time I fall asleep it’s perfect timing .

How do I plan on getting past this? It’s simple I am going to create a routine (see I’m connecting it back)

  1. Start getting relaxed and calm (read my post “Calm..”) after I eat dinner around 7PM
  2. Shower to wash the stress off from the day
  3. Type up a blog post 8Pm
  4. Get ready for bed and be in bed by 9PM
  5. Turn on some quiet YouTube videos (make a playlist)
  6. Sleep

If you are struggling with sleep you should figure out what helps you find your calm and then branch off of that, you will slowly find a rythm that gets you back on track to having a good night of sleep.

I love you all and have a great nights sleep.😴 

Happiness Project


As I said yesterday here is an Update on Novembers Goals and Aspirations:

November is known for many things but my 2016 November is gonna be known for the routines that I start and keep.(hopefully)

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So I will be taking 21 days to accomplish many things to prepare for adulthood/Starting a Youtube channel(*wink wink*)/ Be Happier/ Living like and Outlaw.

By doing the following:

  • Have a Beauty routine (so that I don’t keep breaking out randomly)
  • A sleep routine (so I can be awake and ready to achieve more each day)
  • Have coffee dates with friends(so I continue last months goals)
  • Have time to myself away from tech (because I said so)
  • Blog Each day (I am gonna try but I have difficulties with this)
  • Work on Youtube channel Ideas (I plan on starting it in December during Winter break, It goes great with December’s Theme wich is Stick to it)
  • Have a homework Routine(I know I’m a senior I should have this down but I seriously don’t)
  • Finally, I want to use a planner or at least have daily list (we all know I love my lists anyway)

I don’t know how this will go but I hope it goes well p.s I will be linking my Instagram to this so you will be able to keep up with me daily through pictures go check it out and don’t forget to follow it.

I can’t wait to see how this goes. I love You all, Be Outlaws in you community.

Hey Angel- One Direction

P.s Go check out Tanner Braungardt on Youtube he is really funny.

Happiness Project

Family and friends 

How did it go???

It was great then horrible then great again, you could also just say that it was a very up and down experience in general.

This was month 1 of my happiness project the goal was to reconnect with friends and family. I did that pretty well but I did have a moment of self-doubt and loss.

I am very glad that I did it but I thought that it could have gone better. But that’s the thing when you do a happiness project you are learning what makes you happy in life and growing in that while learning how to be happy with the ups and downs of life.

Good things that Happened:

  • I grew a better understanding and connecting with my parents.
  • My sister and I had some great moments of connection
  • I left my home church-okay this isn’t what it sounds like. I have been with 1 church for my whole life I was literally born into the church so I have been going there or 16+ years. Over the end of my “sophomore” year last year I went to this church’s Youth group on Wednesday’s. I was going with my best friends Maggie, Julian and Angelica. We would hang out at my house after school then go to group together. That summer I decided to intern for my church’s worship director but by doing that I had to leave that new church and get back involved at my old church. It was great but I felt a disconnect with the people and with God which I knew wasn’t good at all. I made one of the hardest decisions ever during this month and it was to quit my internship drop out of the worship team and leave the church.(This was so hard like you have no idea I was crying my eyes out at one point) It was something I had to do but there was this connection to the pastors and elders at the church that I as so pained to be leaving. I did it though and now I have the freedom to explore my religion, Explore all the different opportunities that god has for me and I am so excited and scared to do them.
  • By leaving my Home church I have reconnected with some of my best friends
  • I have taken the opportunity to go to parties and to live a little
  • I have put myself out thee
  • I have let go of hurtful relationships
  • I have realized that I don’t have to be liked by all but I can Love all

That is what I learned from a month of Friends and Family. Am I happier? I wouldn’t say that but I am definitely Happy that I took the time to do this.

November is the month of Routines and creating time for things I will update you on that Tomorrow but for now be happy not for me not for your Family but For yourself cause in the end you are all you will have left

Be an Outlaw.

She’s 22 -Troye Sivan


Happiness Project

Family and Friends (connection)

My whole life having a connection with my family and friends has been a huge deal. Within the past few years, I have lost the connection within my family. For month One of my happiness project, I want to find that connection again. Without finding those connections again this project will fall apart. Having social connections in my life I can become very closed off which won;t help when I’m trying to open up more and find new friends.

Some of my goals are:

  • Find an activity to do with my family
  • Go on a family trip like we used to do
  • Take a friend to coffee and just catch up with them
  • Host a movie night or a party.
  • Plan time with friends

My main objective is to connect with the people around me and to show that I appreciate them. I would like to continue this throughout my daily life because connection and community mean a lot to me.

Throughout the next month, I will be doing update blogs about how this is going and maybe even ask for some help on things.

Thank you so much for taking some time to read this, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Comment down below with advice on creating strong bonds with people.


Happiness Project

My Happiness Project

The Happiness Project or, Why I spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun – Gretchen Rubin

This is it this is my new big project that I have been working hard at. This is a 12 month long mission to find out how I can live life in a more joyful way. I Hope you get something from my happiness project and Please go read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

This is my happiness project so get ready for 10 months(the last 2 months I plan on trying to stick to what I’ve learned) of constant blog posts and once a month I will be updating you on how it is going.

  1. (Family and friends) Connection
  2. (Finding time for certain things) Routine
  3. (Stick to it) Organize
  4. (Make reading fun again) Read
  5. (Learn something new) Discover
  6. (Do something to further my future) Adulting
  7. (Improve and advance forward) Blogging
  8. (Practice and achieve) Singing
  9. (Discover something new) Explore
  10. (For the Future) Preparing

These things bring me joy and I don’t do them often enough. I hope to not just find what makes me joyful but also realize some of the things that I go to for joy that aren’t actually bringing me true joy. I will be expanding on this list above and be creating monthly goals or each thing on the list. I want to actually achieve the goals so please follow my blog to see the updates on what I can achieve and what I end up learning during this.

*I would like to note that I am not copying Gretchen’s project I am using different goals and putting my own spin on it.

Last but not least I would like to give a quick praise to Gretchen for writing such an amazing book and inspiring me to strive towards happiness.

Thank you so much everyone I will be starting this project at the end of this month so be prepared to be helping me come up with ideas and advice.

Love you all and remember that you need to step out of your box and become an outlaw in your community. xoxox