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Dealing with rejection

Rejection is one of the hardest things to deal with:

well, at least it used to be for me. I used to always get super upset whenever I was rejected especially by guys. In the last few weeks though I was rejected by a guy I really liked and I actually got over it super quick (it also helped that he still wanted to be friends). Then on Tuesday, I got notified that my application for the Army national guard was rejected because of my issues with depression in the past, but again I got over it really fast.

Both of these things would have torn me apart before, but I decided to not let them. When The guy I liked said no, I accepted it and just reminded myself that God has a plan and if this guy was supposed to be apart of my life I needed to wait for Gods timing. When it came to the military rejecting me things were a bit different, I immediately started crying when my recruiter left and I got super scared of what I was gonna do because I had no plan B. Then something happened though that changed my whole mindset on the situation. Right, when I started crying the server at the coffee shop we were at put her work down and came around from the counter. I told her what happened and she told me it wasn’t my fault and God obviously had a different plan for me and this was his way of saying no.

I sat there for a couple minutes but then decided that I wasn’t gonna let that hold me back. I got up and left and walked to Starbucks. For the past few weeks, I had been trying to get a job there and I determined to get the job so I went there and made sure they took my name and number so the manager could call me.

When I got home I realized that I was so tired of people judging me on my past and I realized I was doing the same thing to myself. That afternoon I gathered all my old journals and anything that reminded me of my past emotions and issues, and I boxed it all up, duck taped it then put it somewhere where I wouldn’t be reminded of it.

I have no time anymore to stay in the past. I want to learn from it and move on.

So that’s how I learned to deal with rejection, I let myself cry about it, but then I moved on and found a better use of my time than letting it consume me.

If you have any rejection tips or stories comment down below



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Last months happiness project recap-

Last month was crazy I want to a conference, I met new people and I  was seriously trying to discover something new in life. It’s difficult as a high school student to discover new things when you’re limited to the things around you. I discovered so much about myself though and the lifestyle that I want to live. Things get really crazy when you’re growing up. You go from a little kid who knows nothing about the world and the people around them to a young adult who is learning every day that life is so much more than they think it is.

I’ve made friends that have huge dreams for their lives and goals. I realize that every person has the same idea of life yet some of them haven’t excepted that it could actually happen to them. Logan Paul is a YouTuber I like him because of his hard work and endurance. He made 1 hundredth Vlog video where he States that every year he wants to be able to say this is the best year ever. He hasn’t stopped working for what he wants he keeps going and going until he gets it. I want to do the same thing I want to be able to work hard and get what I want from working hard.

Every day I feel like I’m getting more and more pumped for life I’m getting excited to keep going and for the future ahead. This months discovery challenge has pushed me even further because I’m just more curious about the world around me. Yes I have people against me and yes I have haters but guess what none of that’s going to stop me from achieving what I want in life.

I’m gonna leave you on this note no matter what anyone tells you you can do whatever you want if you try. 

Thank you so much, see you next time outlaws


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-Thrive 2015, aurora conference 2016, women of faith 2016, and encounter 2017-

All these conferences have been super fun and interesting. But what now??

If you are a church kid you probably are like me and have been to so many church events that you can’t even remember all of them. I’ve gone to 4 actual full on conferences. I’ve cried and I’ve realized tons of things about myself but what now what am I supposed to do now that I’ve been 

engaged ➡️established➡️equipped 

This is one of the main points my sisters church talks about and I loved it today cause I finally realized how it works in my life.

I have been Engaged with God and reading my bible and going to church. Then I established my place in the church singing on worship teams. I’ve been equipped with the knowledge of God. Now it is time to empower others. 

These conferences have been equipped us all not just to start someday but to start today in our journey to empowering and bringing others to Christ.

We can do this by making ourselves available not just for God to speak through us but to transforms us into the being able to have faith. Faith isn’t about an outcome it’s about an outlook.

Your someday is today, you can be transformed and equipped to reach and empower others today through your faith in Christ.


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Other people’s dreams-

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like everyone has an Idea of who you’ll become and what you’ll do with your life. Then there’s those people who say “be you ignore them they don’t control you”.  But who’s really right in the end?

Both of these types of people I have in my life. 

The idea for this blog post came from a guy I talked to at my sisters church this weekend. He pulled me aside and started suggesting things I should do in my life and how I should be praying for them to happen. Let’s get this cleared up I have never spoken to this guy before today. He knew nothing about me other than I play music and am Christian. He was bringing up changing churches, making sacrifices and praying. 

I agree with most of what he said other than the fact that he knew nothing about me and was suggesting things I should do with my life without knowing my hopes and dreams or what god has In store for me.

Than there’s my parents who just want me to get good grades. 

My grandmother wants me to go to college.

My sister wants to travel together.

My teachers want me to go to college and get my degrees in something.

My friends don’t care because they  have their own issues to deal with.

With all these different options in our lives how is anyone supposed to decide what to do when everyone around them has some type of opinion.

I’d love to say I have my whole life planned out but I don’t. I have ideas but no plans which I think is good.

I read this article and it says⤵️

This is like mind blowing stuff, cause if you think about it God has a plan for our lives. He has the beginning of our lives planned out to the end of our lives. He knows how we’re going to die and he knows how we’re going to live. Yeah we can get into the whole argument of free will but there’s nothing that can argue that he already knows what’s going to happen. This quote here literally states 

Never let the excitement of your dream out please the wisdom of God has for how you get to your dream

Because yeah you’re going to make decisions and you’re going to make a bad decision sometimes but God has a way for you if you let him lead you. This quote literally shook my life when I read it. Because it’s exactly what God wants us to do with our lives he wants us to follow him and believe that he knows the way. The question is are you ready to follow him?

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Finals are complete

I passed them all I am so proud of myself I was so scared that I would have failed one. I talked to God so much this week, I asked him for my life to have a flip for my world to be changed so that once I finished my finals I would be able to have a new mindset.

My friend (I’m gonna call him June Bug) June Bug thinks that self-discipline comes before your mindset and to be able to change your mindset you need self-discipline. I would never tell him that I agree with him because it’s cool to see him legitimately have a reason for an answer. I do though I think you do need a bit of self-discipline to be able to have a solid mindset.

As I moved my focus away from school I started focusing on what I am gonna do with three weeks off from school. I started thinking about all the things I could do but I felt like something was missing. Trust me I have a lot I have to work on during break and I’m gonna be constantly working on projects for SisterMisters and with this blog. I noticed I had crammed my schedule so full of things and not enough God, though.

I am going to take this break as some time to reconnect with him and start working on growing in him. It is gonna take a lot of self-discipline to keep on top of it and not get distracted by the world around me. I will be back on Saturday and will be posting every day.

I hope you all have a lovely break if you get one and an amazing Christmas and New year.

Love you all,

Hailey XOXO

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Living life with a smile.

This can change your attitude towards life so much. It can even make you think about the way that you are thinking. Like when you walk into a shop and you see someone and they ignore you when you smile at them if you’re already smiling you won’t even notice as much because it will seem so natural. I also noticed that when I’m not smiling fewer people approach me and my mood is always just messed up.

If you have heard the saying “what you do speaks more than what you say”. This is so true because people rarely remember what you say, they remember more of what you do and how they make you feel. I remember most of my memories through feelings and not very much from what happened or what someone said.  Which isn’t great but it is totally true.

How to smile more:

  • Do something you love at the beginning of the day (Listening to music is so good)
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready (this makes your mornings less stressful if you’re not rushing around)
  • If you know drama is going on try to stay away from it. (Even if it means you have to just walk away from a situation.)
  • Be thankful for what you have in your life.
  • Do something nice for someone (because it will make you smile)
  • Have something to look forward to.
  • End your day in a good mood (Treat yourself)

The things you do in your life will affect the way that you look back on your life. If you smile throughout it all you will be able to remember the memory’s in a happy way. It is okay to have a few down days but don’t get into the habit if it.
I challenge you to try and smile as much as you can tomorrow and comment how it goes

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO

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Issues with the church 


How could you have issues with church?

It’s pretty simple, especially now a days. Everyone is picking and choosing what they like out of the Bible. like pastors who think that it’s okay to push parts of the Bible aside. I have heard at least three stories of it in my own community lately. This isn’t good at all. Nobody should ever pick and choose things out of the Bible especially if you’re going to call yourself a true believer in Christ. Our generation is full of “half” christians. Which means they go to church events, get baptized and say they’re fully committed to living a Christian life style. Then they go to school deny God in front of their friends and put on a whole new face. 

I get it it’s hard to be up front with people about your faith in high school and in life. You risk a lot by putting yourself out there. One of my friends brought that up when we were talking about the whole education system. How schools have banded prayer during school events and how people are trying to take away our freedom of religion. This makes me mad, yes I understand not everyone believes the same thing but there is so many people who haven’t even had the opportunity to believe anything in their lives. 

My question for you is are you a “half” Christian? 

Are you not all in and making waves? 

If we are ever going to make a difference in society you have to stand up for what you believe in and stop hiding. There is no time for half steps cause we are Generation Y not. 

Stand up and step out this week in your faith. 

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 

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 Kindness. 1. : a kind deed: favor. 2. a: the quality or state of being kind b archaic: affection.

When I started going to my High School they focused on a few different character strengths one of them was “kindness”. They never really do anything with them other than having us measure are character strengths and weakness’s and working on them.

The last couple months along with my happiness project, I had a community service/kindness project. After I finished the project I realized I don’t do enough for the people around me. I started doing small things like baking cookies for friends, organizing things around the house, and some small things for close friends.

I love doing things for people but I like it when I do something that surprises them. It always makes me smile and warms my  heart when I do something that they wanted but didn’t need at the moment.

Some of my favorite things to do for people:

  • Baking something cause everyone loves free food
  • Helping them with something they struggle with
  • Gone out of my way to make them feel loved
  • Shared verses from the bible that relate to issue that they are having
  • Being there for them even if it means just showing that I care

Kindness is something that I  think everyone should always be working on. I don’t think that there is enough of it in the world and you should always be striving to expand on your kindness. I think you should work on seeing the good and in people and help them realize it by caring about them.

I hope this inspires you to do something kind for someone.

Love you all,

Hailey, XOXO

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Getting things done 

It’s so hard to get projects done especially when they are time consuming. I have had projects that have taken me forever to finish just because I started them one day and then forgot about them. Which sometimes shows me it wasn’t that important if I was able to forget about it. There are also projects that I rush and finish in a day. Those projects I always regret rushing cause they don’t turn out as well as they could have.

Since I started using my bullet journal I have kept track of all my projects and I have actually kept up with them. I’m so proud of it because I have probably accomplished the most I ever have this month. Yes, I still get distracted and start refreshing my social media sites and creating pointless Pinterest boards, but I can tell you one thing my instagram had a theme for a week there because of that. 

If you have something that you have been putting off get up and do it because you will feel so much better when it’s done. As a high school student I know all about procrastination and putting things off. I remember a few times I put a project for school off for so long that finally I just didn’t do. Which is horrible because it dropped my grade so much In the class. You would be shocked at how some times just getting things done right away can lead to less stress later. 

You can even use this with stepping out of the society norms, let’s say you have this person on instagram that you follow but you know nothing about them other than they are super cute. You could just keep liking their pictures and leave them as an unknown person. Or you could message them and get to know them. You guys could be friends or even more than friends but you would never now until you stepped out of your box and did the unexpected. Ya, a normal person would just let it go but an awesome person would take the leap.

Love you guys so much,

Keep up the great work and have a lovely week

Hailey Xoxo 


Generation Y not…

I started watching this YouTube channel called “Yes Theory” They have changed their name multiple times but the have landed on this title. I found their channel Today actually and have been binge watching their videos for the last few hours of my life. I love their concept and I can’t get over how amazing they are. They did this 30-day project wich was the first thing I watched and it’s like a more amazing version of my Happiness project. I love they way they go about saying yes and pushing the limits. Like I always say you should be an outlaw and push the boundaries of society.

If you didn’t know already I am doing a happiness project and this month’s theme is routines which it’s odd but it is something I needed to work on and this weekend has gone great I wrote a list like I talked about in my last post and I worked on accomplishing things. Tonight I sit here typing this and wanting to accomplish more if you have ever had a super great weekend where you work and get so much done you always want to do more. That is how I feel right now I was also watching PointlessBlog and he said this quote which I love.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today”

It’s so true we all say “I’ll do it tomorrow” that’s the stupidest thing ever. Why wait, do it today push yourself and be the person you want to be right here right now.

I read this book last year called the “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborni It  is an amazing book that is one of the reasons I am pulled toward stepping out of the worldly bubble and I am drawn to the Outlaws in our society.

“We are called not to be successful but to be faithful”- Mother Teresa

This all comes back to our faith like how we go through our daily life we can push not just to be Outlaws but to be “Outlaws In Christ” As the quote below says, people should be able to catch a glimpse of him in our eyes on Daily Basis. In Corinthians 3:9 it talks about us being God’s co-workers when it says this it means shining for him.

“‘They explained to me that namaste means “I honor the Holy One who lives in you”. I knew I could see God in their eyes. Was it possible that I was becoming a Christian, that in my eyes they could catch a glimpse of the image of my lover?”-Irresistible Revolution

As we go into our weeks doing all sorts of things I want you to take a moment to step out of you comfort zone and see the world from a different view, or maybe even just try something new.

I love you all so much and I want you all to have an amazing week, I will be praying for you and for all the adventures that you will be heading on.

xoxo, Hailey