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Behind The Scenes of “Okay”

This is a bit of background info on my “short” story okay.

I wrote the basis of it four years ago in middle school. I was homeschooled but I had this writing class I went to once a week where I got my first taste of creative writing. It all started with the teacher asking us to write a short story. It could be about whatever we wanted, to me that was the best thing I had ever heard. My mind started going crazy, I had so many ideas but one stuck out the most. I was only 13 so my ideas were limited on what I had experienced in life.

The first draft ended up being the only one I was able to turn in because I hand wrote it and didn’t have time to edit it. It was written in a composition book with the cover ripped off. it was shorter by like four pages but I was so proud of it.

A year later I had another opportunity to edit it and turn it in again except this time I definitely wrote it a lot better and I added about two pages of just details. I even looked up trials for child abuse which wasn’t the best idea but it definitely made that part of the story more realistic.

This year I had so many people read through it and help me edit, from my English teacher to my friend Jacob. I really enjoyed finding new ways to go about describing the situation and keeping the flow throughout it.

I am very proud of it and I think everyone should have a short story to add to and change up because it is a great way to see how your writing style changes and how much you improve on things. I decided to share this with you because I am very proud of it and wanted the people that I love to see it.

Do you have a story that you are writing or an essay for school that you wrote and are super proud of?

Love you all,

Hailey Xoxo

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Okay a “short” story



by Hailey Faigin



As glass shatters across the pavement, I see a bright flash of light. My body

lurches forward, seat belt tightening against my chest. The car starts to rock, my

mind knowing we are going to tip, I prepare myself as much as I can but there is not

much I can do. We start to roll, my head banging against the window, my neck

cracking and stomach turning. My neck hanging from the seat belt I can’t move I

am paralyzed. Not knowing what to do, I see flashing lights and hear sirens, I see a

face then black out.

I wake with a bright blinding light in my face and a nurse saying stay with me,

look at my face repeatedly, but I end up blacking out again. I wake up again with

pain all over my body, its cold and quiet except for the tapping of keys. I look over

and see the same nurse looking at a computer screen. I say hoarsely “wheres my

parents?” without looking over the nurse leaves the room. I am wondering what’s

going on and start to cry wishing that someone would talk to me.

Finally after a while of being ignored, the doctor comes in with my Aunt Lucy

behind him.

“Hi, Gabbie how you feeling?”

“My head hurts” I moan

“Well, the doctor says that it should go away in a little bit, Gabbie I have to tell you



My aunt sniffles “ your dad is….Dead”

My eyes start to well with tears “and your mom has bad brain damage” she

finishes with her eyes full of tears too.

My head throbs I can’t speak, and I am crying none stop. “I was so close to him, what am I going to do?”

“We will wait a week or two while your mom heals, you will stay here Because you

have badly broken your leg.”

I just notice the cast on my leg, “I will visit as much as I can. We will get through

this together, OK?”

“OK” I sniffle

“You need to relax”

“How can after all that has happened?”

“Just try, please?”

“Fine” I say still crying. She comes over and hugs me.

“It will be OK” Crying herself, knowing it most likely won’t be.


Going To Canada

I wake up tears on my face, the alarm going off and a light coming through

the curtain. It has been a month since the accident, I am on crutches because I tore a

muscle in my leg that was really important. I get dressed and head towards my moms

room she is standing in her bathroom starring at herself, as I walk in she starts to

scream, I go to her and tell her to calm down. “My name is Gabbie, I am your

Daughter and your my mom” I say calmly “you have amnesia” she looks in the

mirror again and then it clicks.

“Hi, honey how are you?”


“I did it again didn’t I?” she asks

“Yep, you do it every morning”

“I am so sorry you have to deal with me, you better get to school or you will miss

the first day.” She smiles

“OK, I will see you later.”

“Oh, wait she says quickly “don’t forget to tell your teachers that you will only

be here for a month


“Oh, I didn’t tell you we are moving to Canada to live with your Uncle Tom.”

“You forgot to mention that part during dinner mom.”

“Well, I am sorry, that YOU were late getting home.” She practically yells

“Well, I got to go, BYE”

“We’re finishing this conversation when you get home” she yells. I head down

the stairs grab my lunch bag and head out. With tears in my eyes and the wind hitting

my face, my mind swarming with thoughts hoping that it was all just a dream, the

crash, my leg, my dad, and Canada. I rush to catch the bus but remember I was going

to walk to school with my friends. I head to my friends houses trying to stop crying. I

get to my three best friends Jennie, Morgan and Emil. As we walk I tell them what is

happening. They all feel bad for me and hope that it will get better, but I know it

wont, as I tell them I am moving they are now asking questions like why? were? with?

who? and how long?

By the time we got to school we were balling are eyes out and hugging

endlessly we end up staying together the whole day hoping it would get better.



The tape roller screeches as I close up another box, The now empty room

white as day. My eyes start to water, this has been going on for days nonstop. All

that’s left in the room is an old box spring mattress, my aunt has been helping out. I

have been searching websites on my laptop looking at Canadian trends, shops,

culture, and other things I have read that being prepared to move to a new place is

good, but every time I think about it I start to cry, my friends are so calm and kind. I

don’t get how there being so calm about it, maybe its because I am all stress no

fun. They tell me to loosen up and they will text me, skype me and write once I move

to Canada. Even seeing there faces on a small computer screen won’t be enough.

I miss my dad, my leg hurts more every day and my eyes are always red from

crying. I have a week till we move I don’t know what I am going to do My mind

not thinking. I do what I am told I feel like a robot taking commands from every

one, What is wrong with me? I can barley speak without crying I feel so alone.

I have three days till I have to go live with my uncle tom, he lives on the

border of Canada. We have moved to a hotel a mile away, while we finished packing

and cleaning. The house seems so bare with no pictures on the walls, it makes all the

feelings I have been hiding come out all at once I start crying and fall to my knees.

My friend Emil walk in the middle of my mid-life crisis.

“Hi, Gabbie, oh my gosh what’s wrong?” she runs over and gets on her knees to

and starts cradling me in her arms.

“I don’t know what I am going to do? I grew up here, why is this so hard?” I

mumble into her sleeve.

“I don’t know Gabbie but you will be OK”

“I am going to miss you, you are my best friend and I may never see you again”

Emil grabs something out of her pocket

“Here something for my best friend” she takes my hand and puts a small silver

chain in it.

“What’s this?” I ask

“It’s a necklace that you can put charms on and I want you to have it to

remember me and to remind you that we will always be here for you” she says with

tears in her eyes

“Thanks Emil I am going to miss you most of all” for the next hour we sit on the

floor crying and talking.



I was shaken awake as my Aunt says, “ Todays the day, the sun is shining

and you are getting out of here”

“Ya ya” I say sarcastically

“Get up, your plane leaves in three hours, you don’t wanna be late” she yells in

my face with a giant Cheshire cat grin on her face. We hear shrieking from the room

next door. We dash over to the other room, my mom is standing in the middle of the

room with a mirror in her hands. I go over and tell her that I am her daughter what

her my name and that her name was Lilly. Then it clicks and we are on with our day

We meet with family and friends for breakfast at the airport Mc Donald’s.

There are tears all around as are flight is finally called. We say are final good byes.

Me and my mom and aunt Lucy start to board the plane when my friends are

right at the entrance and embrace me in a giant bear hug I get soaked in tears from

them and some of my own. I get many going away present mostly soaps and candy.

We have one more bear hug then I get on the plane. I follow the Crowd to my seat

then sit and get comfortable.

From my window I can see all the people that I love watching us take off I

start to cry. A new life and a new adventure is waiting for me in Canada. I have a

sprite and a bag of nuts then watch my favorite movie and try to distract myself as

possible but it doesn’t last. Half way through the flight I am already looking at the

pictures I brought of my friends and family. I fall asleep on the plane hoping things

would get better but with my luck that won’t happen. We finally land in the middle

of nowhere.

“What will I do?” I mumble under my breath.


A new beginning

“Unpacking boxes is what we do, we unpack boxes all day through!” my

mom cheers as we unpack all the boxes and put the things away this goes on for

about a week till all the boxes are unpacked. We each got are own room but we do

have to share a bathroom though.

My uncle tom has a son and two daughters, his sons name is Shawn and his

daughters are Elena and Lena. His daughters are always asking me questions and

Shawn has been pretending there is no Gabbie living at there house. My Aunt Lucy is

already repacking her things to head back home after helping us get settled.

School starts, it’s a month in and I am getting piled with work 7 periods, 7

teachers and 7 piles of homework. I message my friends once a day to keep in touch.

Emil is the only one who answers back. My mom freaks out Lena and Elena every

morning, I hope it gets better but with my luck it won’t.

My school experience is going OK I have no friends, no one talks to me, I am

on crutches in crowded halls and I am behind in school. I now really wish my other

friends would message me.



“Stop,” I yell repeatedly I get slammed into the lockers.

“Your so stupid, why would I stop you are wimp, with a dead daddy your such an

easy target” Shelly squawked in my face. Shelly is 200 pound of pure hatred. My

crutch is laying on the ground and I am sliding down the locker.

I have tried talking things out Didn’t work I ended up with a black eye. I tried

talking to an adult, she did not care. I got detention 10 times because of her.

I was walking home from detention one day when I noticed a girl crying

behind a tree in the park, I walked up to see what was going on. “what’s


“Everything!” the girl yelled not showing her face.

“Can I help you?” I ask, the girl looks up, it is Shelly… with tears streaming down

her face I’m shocked.

“Why would you now that you know who I am?”

“Do you need help,I can help get you home?” I ask worried

“NO!” she yells “Thats were this all started!”


“I cant go back, I wont go back” she mumbles over and over again.

I cant leave her here and I cant take her home. What do I do?

“Get up” I say

“Why?”she looks at me with her blood shot eyes

“we are gonna go to the coffee shop down the street. i’m gonna buy you a drink

and we are gonna sit and talk. Cause whatever is going on cant be good especially if

your on the ground crying.”

She stands up. “okay.”

We sit for hours talking she explains everything. She has been sexually abused

for almost her whole life. She lost her childhood and her family has no idea that it is

happening in the very house they sleep in. The pain in her eyes is the exact pain I felt

when my father died. She tells me that the reason she picked on me was cause that

she had so much anger towards him and knew she couldn’t take it out on him. We

went to her house, we sat down with her mom and talked. their were many tears. I

Left cause my mom needed me.

Shelly and I grew very close after that. She opened up slowly and I opened up

I to her. So in the end I was her victim, she was his and he was victimized with

sexual abuse. I know every things is going to turn out OK. Or at least I hope.



The kitchen is full of many people, sounds and smells. Lena and Elena are

chatting there heads of and Shawn is still not up and my mom is mopping around,

Uncle Tom is frying eggs and cooking pancakes. It’s Sunday the day is full of


“Hey gabbie we need to talk” my mom says

“OK” she grabs my hand and Tom follows us upstairs and we all sit down.

“Do you like it here?” my mom asks

“Yes, I do, Lena is like my best friend, Shawn like a big brother and Uncle

Tom reminds me of Dad, Why?”

“Because she went to the Doctor yesterday for a checkup and he told us about a

treatment for my brain damage” Uncle Tom says

“Why? Your brain problems are not serious it is just in the mornings” I say with a

worried look in my eyes

“Ya, but it is getting worse she said she can’t remember what she ate a few

minutes ago and she gets terrible head aches. So he told me this treatment could fix

everything and you guys could have a normal life but they haven’t tested it yet so

she would be a test subject. We would get a thousand dollars and she decided to do

it. she is going in for the treatment on Friday.” Tom said. “So your saying you could die from this? Your going to do this anyway. What if you die what will happen to me?” I ask as tears start to form in the corners of my eyes.

“You would live with your Uncle Tom and his family. You would have

Lena,Elena,Shawn and Uncle Tom, OK? Mom says worried

“No, I am not going to lose you too!” I yell in fury

“You won’t lose me I will always be in your heart”

“Do you know how cheesy that sounds you won’t be here you will be dead in a

hole, you should not except me to mourn for you this is all your decision” I yell

“It will be OK don’t be so mad”

“It wont be OK” the conversation ends and I storm out of as I walk away I start

cry regretting some of the things I had just said but to mad too care.



It’s surgery day I won’t talk to my mom, she will be going in to surgery in

an hour. I stand in the room playing with the chain that Emil gave me. I can’t

stand it, why does she have to do this it’s only once a day for 2 minutes. She does

not need surgery, I go up to her.


“Yes, honey”

“I love you, I would hate for you to be mad at me as you go into surgery. I don’t

get it though, why do have to do this?”

I say almost in a whisper as she grabs my hand, “I don’t want to sleep at night not

knowing who I am, I miss making you breakfast before you even get up, your dad

would have wanted this ….. You are just like him, you are kind, caring and you hate

surgeries, even if I die I will always be with you.” She pulls her hand back leaving a

charm gold with pink flowers. “I love you too” she finishes. We sit in the dark

room with a small table light on and a clock ticking.

The doctor come in with a shot for my mom. Then takes her to prep for

surgery. My eyes well with tears, I can’t lose her I won’t lose her.

It’s an hour after they have taken her. Elena and Lena are holding my hands

and being really quiet, which is very odd. A nurse storms in “Are you Tom and

Gabby?” asking frantically.

“Yes,” we say in unison

“Your mom is loosing a lot of blood and we don’t know if she will make it.”

“What?” we yell

“Just stay here and stay calm” She says shaking


It will be “OK”

Tom grabs me, “She will be OK all we can do is pray”

“What is praying?” she asks questioningly, raising her eyebrows

“Prayer is when you ask God for something or Thank him, I will tell you more

about praying later, but for now lets pray”

“OK” I answer

“Dear Lord, Please help Gabby’s mom, right now let her heal and feel better. We

need you right now to help this family in time of need. Amen” Uncle Tom finishes.

We sit for a while and wait. While we wait Uncle Tom explains God, Jesus and the

bible. Some of it I don’t get it. It sounds like a fairy tale but it is interesting. My

mom is still in surgery. I’m still tearing up now and then when I remember what is

happening. The doctor walks in “She is stable, but is still under critical condition” the

doctor says in a very calm voice.

I am finally able to take a deep breath. We eat disgusting hospital food and head

back to the room to wait for mom. I am exhausted and take a short nap knowing

everything will hopefully be OK.

It has been officially five hours, when we see my mom on a bed being hauled

in seeming to be asleep. I start crying, The weight if finally lifted off my shoulders, The doctor comes in and says, “She will be OK, she just needs to rest.” We all nod

our heads.

A couple months later she is perfect. Her eyes glowing with life again. We go

to church ever Sunday. I have the best three friends in the world. Lana, Elena and

Shawn. For the first time in months, I am happy and so is my mom. We all know

now that everything will be OK.

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Blackness Part 1.5

This is part 5 to a short story that I wrote about a dream I had, hope you enjoy.

As Josh lands the helicopter we all get out to be welcomed by a cloud of smoke. The news that Josh had told us has started to settle as we exit the helicopter. I wish that I had known sooner but I’m glad that he had waited to tell me. A small group of people great us, a few known faces bring Jacob and me to tears. Some of our old friends greet us with open arms. I look around trying to spot my sister when I see a small hand poke out from the crowd and she pushes through. With tears in our eyes, I run to here and bring her into my arms as we both collapse to our knees.

In a jumble of limbs, she starts speaking “Their all gone, all of them.”

“who?” I ask concerned

“mom, dad, Caleb and Josh”

“NO… You’re lying…” my voice breaks as my head falls into her lap. I black out and don’t wake up for multiple hours.

“Bloody hell, what happened to you?” my eyes peer open as I see a familiar face Matt stands over me with a cup of what looks like really dirty water. “I brought you some tea. if you want it.”

“Thanks, where is everyone?” I look around to see that I am sitting in the back of a van. Matt leans over at pats my head.

“you worry too much, everyone is out there packing up to head out towards New York Because apparently they weren’t hit as bad as we  were. In my opinion, we should just bunker down and just chill for a bit.” he looks out the door and looks almost calm about the whole situation.

“how do you do that?”

“do what?”

“stay so calm.”

“You see I have gone through many things in my life and a little storm isn’t even as bad as a lot of it.” He leans over and kisses my cheek, “I’ll be back I have to go help buddy’s pack up” with that he gets up and leaves.

A few minutes later the group I was with joins me in the van. We chat about what has happened and decide to hang with this group for a while since they seem to have a good idea on where they want to go. Toby cuddles up next to me and Jacob hands me, Arlo.

We sit for a while talking to a few people. Jacob puts himself in the far back of the van and doesn’t say anything. My sister shows up and tells us where she will be.

“well it looks like everything is gonna turn out okay after all” Zoe says

“Looks like it” Gavyn says with a smirk on his face.

Matt joins us in the van and puts himself next to me. In close company were off with our driver Liam speeding off into the unknown. Not knowing what will happen next but knowing everything will be alright. or will it?

This is the end, If you want me to create a part 2 please like and comment down below.

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Blackness Part 1.4

This is part 4 of my short story, I hope you Enjoy.

None of us are able to sleep that night we end up staying up all night listening to the sound of the wind blowing. In the morning we start walking again, nothing is said as we walk towards the unknown.

“where are we going?” Toby asks

“I don’t know,” I say as I pick him up

“we should really figure that out,” Roman says as he grabs hold of Zoe’s hand

“what do you suggest then Roman?” Gavyn asks

“I don’t know but maybe we should stop walking towards nothing and brainstorm ideas”

“that’s a good idea,” says Zoe

We all sit down in a pit of rubble so we don’t get taken by surprise again if the winds return. We start discussing the idea of heading west instead of heading south. We brainstorm the idea of maybe just trying to stay put and survive on the land but that idea is pushed away almost instantly. We end up deciding to just keep walking till we find something useful or come up with a better idea.

Jacob is kicking around a can as we walk up and over the piles of absent homes.

“Hey, are you okay?” I ask

“No this whole thing is stupid, I was so sure we would make it to the parking lot. I was wrong though and I ended up getting Lola killed” he starts crying “I killed her! This is all my fault that we don’t know what to do” He falls to his knees.

“Jacob!” I kneel down and put my hand around his shoulder. “it’s not your fault, you had the only idea that any of us could come up with and we shouldn’ have taken so many breaks. We should have hurried and gotten there sooner. And you didn’t kill Lola, Nobody did.”

“What are we gonna do now?”

“I don’t….” I’m about say something but then I hear something, it sounds like a helicopter. I look up and see a Helicopter, I jump up.”LOOK!” The helicopter sees us and lands on a flat concrete slab about a hundred feet away. I run towards it, Jacob gets up and follows. A smile spreads across my face as I see my old friend Josh climbing out of the helicopter.

“What are you doing here?” I say as he pulls me into a bear hug.

“looking for you, you silly goose”

“but how?”

“your sister was so worried about you when we heard about the giant hurricane came through San Fran’. She begged me to come find you. I’ve been flying all over the area the last two day’s trying to find you”

“Thank you so much” I gave him another hug.”do you think it can fit everyone?”

“It will be tight but I think it can… Oh I also had a buddy of mine fly down and pick another group of people up not too far from here”

“was there a little old lady?” I ask hopefully

“actually yes I think there was”

As we all pile into the helicopter we head back towards my hometown in northern Nevada . The trip isn’t long at all and my eyes fill with tears as I see that San Fran’ wasn’t the only place hit by the strange hurricane, tornado, and earthquake storm.

“you didn’t say anything about here getting hit too”

“I didn’t want to worry you just yet but… here it goes… The whole world was hit by that storm.”

Part 5 will be coming soon. Comment down below if you even want me to write a part 5



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Blackness part 1.3

This is part III to a short story I writing about a dream I had. To read part one and two please look down below, thank you. xoxo 

We all spent the night around a campfire that Gavyn made. We learn about each other and who we were before the darkness came. Toby told us about his parents and how they were truck drivers and died in an accident. Lola told us about how she was in high school and was n sophomore year. Roman and Zoe are married and lived in a penthouse on the east side of San Francisco. Gavyn had been coming to the coffee house for a while now and I had gotten to know him quite well but he told everyone about how he had run away from home when he was 16 and had started working in San Francisco when he was 17. Jacob stayed quiet most the night but he now and then piped in about something that he had an opinion on but most the time he just stayed to himself. I kept things short and talked about how I had moved to San Francisco after I graduated high school and have been working and making connections ever since.

Since we all had no resources we spend the night on the rubble of the city. Some of us made comfort in wrecked cars others just try to be as comfortable as possible on old rickety beds that were still intact, for the most part. Dark clouds stayed to the west but the winds picked up now and then but died down after a while. We made plans to head south towards Mexico because we thought at least we can maybe get around the clouds and to the west if we head down there. Jacob had scoped out a running car that had been protected in a parking garage underground. The parking garage lead to an underground pathway that leads to a dirt road. Which was really odd but also good for us because we really needed it.

In the middle of the night, Toby woke up crying he wanted his grandma and he missed mom and dad so much. Jacob and I tried comforting him with Arlo but nothing seemed to work he was very scared and shaken up about the whole situation. We finally got him to calm down probably after three hours by then me and Jacob were wide-awake and couldn’t really get ourselves to sleep. We ended up staying up and watching the sunrise it looks so beautiful but also so scary because of the smoke that had accumulated throughout the night.

Jacob and I scouted out some food. It took so much effort but we found some cans that were dented but still were fine and we looked into a few cars and found some granola bars and thing. We woke everyone up and got ready to head towards the car on our way we ate the food that we had found.

“How far away is it” ,asked Roman

“Not too far it was maybe a mile that way” Jacob pointed towards the south end of town.

“When do you think will be able to get a shower?” asked Zoe

“Seriously ?”said Lola “we probably won’t get a shower until we get to some sort of water which won’t be forever unless we stop by the ocean or something.” She sounded irritated.

“Calm down,”said Gavyn “it’s not like we’re dying…yet”

“Don’t say that!” Lola practically yelled

“OK OK calm down,” I said just kind of irritated with everyone.

Jacob had stayed quiet during this conversation I think he was just trying to figure out what we’re gonna do and how we were going to end up living off the land. He always did that whenever something went wrong he would just sit and analyze things trying to figure out who to go,who to talk to, and what to do. He was very perspective on everything. Especially when he got kicked out of college. he just didn’t know what to do about anything. He just sat in my house eating food and thinking.

We stopped after a while of walking because Tony was complaining about his legs. Lola had spent the whole entire walk trying to stay positive but ended saying super negative things. Roman had a whole arm full of food and supplies. He was being pretty good about that but we could tell he was struggling with having to carry it all so we all separated everything among us. We were sitting for about five minutes when Jacob came up to me and grabbed my arm. “Somethings wrong!” he said frightened

“What what happened?” I asked really confused

“It’s Arlo he all of a sudden got really intense and started hissing at everything. I don’t know what’s wrong with him he’s over there just sitting in the car hissing at everything”

“There’s probably just a dead animal around or maybe there’s an alive animal.”

“I don’t think so he seems really upset about something almost like he can sense something bad is going to happen.”

At that exact moment, the ground began to shake. The mound of trash we were sitting on began to shift.

“RUN GET TO THE CAR!!” Gavyn yelled

Jacob scooped up Toby and I grabbed Arlo. We started running our feet getting scraped up by all the rubbish. “I see the car!” Jacob looked back at me but I wasn’t smiling.

“We’re not gonna get there in time!”

“In time for what?!?” At that moment the cracks in the rough of the parking garage collapsed. The cars inside were exploding and the tunnel was filled with rubble. The shock sent us flying down the hill of trash. Zoe and Roman were behind us and Gavyn and Lola were still on the top of the mountain of trash.

The earth started shaking more and a hole in the ground opened up right by Lola’s feet. She plunged downward, Gavyn dived to catch her but his leg got stuck on a fender to a car. The earth stopped shaking and we were all left in shock. Most of us were broken bruised and scared. Tears were shed for Lola as we realized that we were once again stuck in blackness.

Stay tuned for part 4 🤗

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Blackness part 1.2

Hey, this is part 2 of my short story I hope you enjoy.

My eyes start opening as I hear people stirring. Gavyn looks down at me. “Good morning”

“Good morning to you too,” I say as I look around the room of people “where’s Jacob?”

“he left, my guess is to scope out the outside but I don’t know” he sounds concerned. I stay silent as I stand up and head towards the door. There is no longer any sound of wind and light is peering through the cracks in the door. During sometime during the night,the power went out.

I open the door and am welcomed by the smell of smoke and fresh rain. As my eyes adjust they fill with tears. I shut the door behind us. with Gavyn be my side we start walking up the stairs. From below you could already see how much was gone but as we reached the top you could see how much had changed. The whole city was flattened there were no more skyscrapers and even the small buildings were now just piles of materials. As we worked our way through what used to be the cafe the people from below joined us. “I’m gonna go find Jacob and figure out where to go. Whoever wants to they can join in but I’m leaving now so decide quickly” Gavyn grabs my hand.

“I’m in, let’s go get him and get out of here” three other people join in. A girl named Lola, a boy named Roman and a lady named Zoe. We were about to leave when a little boy ran up to me.

“I want to come,” he said with bright blue eyes staring up at me. I look around.

“What about your parents?” A little old lady came up to me and turns me around away from the kid.

“His parents died last year and I’ve been taking care of him by myself, and I know I can’t take care of him now. Can you please take him with you? He has a better chance with you kids than with me.”

“Both of you can come,” I say

“No darling just him I’m too old,” she says with the most seriously sad face I’ve ever seen. I know she means what she is saying, so I turn around and look back into those blue eyes.

“Of course, you can, what’s your name?” I say as I pick him up and put him on my back.

“Toby,” he says. I can feel his tears run down my neck as we start off. I look back to see the old lady sitting in the only chair that remains in the cafe. She nods her head with tears in her eyes. And we’re off.

I assume Jacob went to the house so we head there first. It’s hard though to know where you heading when all you see is piles of what once used to be buildings. We find it though after walking up and over many piles of stuff. I put Toby down as I start calling out for Jacob. I walk around for what seems like forever till I see it. On top of a pile of stuff, I see Jacob sitting. I run up to him to see him holding something. It’s Arlo. My eyes fill with tears as I fall to my knees.”he’s still alive” Jacob says. I can see tear stains on his cheeks.”I came out here looking for him excepting not find him, but here he is with a broken leg. Just a stupid broken leg” he starts laughing with tears in his eyes. I join in as we sit together cuddling with Arlo.

The group joins us atop the mountain of what used to be our home. We are staring off into an abyss of filth with water streaming throughout it all. Somewhere out there is the ocean. The sun makes its way up more giving us a beautiful sunrise. “What are we gonna do?” Lola says

“We’re gonna survive,” says Jacob

What will happen next where will they go? Tune in next time for part 3 of blackness.

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Blackness 1.1

This is a short story I wrote about a dream I had I hope you enjoy.

It began on July 25th, 2019. Everyone was going about their daily routines till the clouds began to form. All across the globe, a massive storm rose up from the earth. The wind blew trees from their roots and houses from their foundations. People stared out their windows in amazement. This was like no other storm before. Yes we had had horrible storms the past 5 years but we had the technology to survive them without huge disasters but this was something we weren’t ever gonna fully recover from.

My Alarm went off as I hoped out of bed. I showered got dressed and feed my cat, Arlo. I went to my living room to find my friend Jacob passed out on my couch as usual.” Hey, wake up!” I yell a bit too loud. He barely stirs.”I’m gonna make breakfast and coffee for us so you better get your butt up” I shove him and he jolts up.

“What do you want?!?” He says irritated.

“Well aren’t you a sweetheart in the mornings,” I say sarcastically “get up, I’m making breakfast then we have to go”

“You know you could be a bit nicer,”he says. I roll my eyes and head off to the kitchen.

Our day consists of a lot of random errands. Ever since Jacob got kicked out of college I’ve been taking care of him till he gets back on his feet. Which means 3x as much food cause he eats almost whole cow every single meal and he doesn’t seem to ever have any practical clothing items which lead to a lot of grief from our boss. We both work at a coffee shop down the street from my apartment in downtown San Francisco. We have been living together now for almost 6 months but we have been friends for years.

Once we finish breakfast we head off to do our errands. We get to work with 10 minutes to spare.

“Do you think I’ll ever get my life back together?” Jacob asks as we work on filling orders.

“I don’t know, I think you just have to be determined enough to put forth the work to get there”

” ya, I guess…” He stops speaking abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” He grabs my hand and spins me around. A giant cloud is working its way towards us. The blinds in the cafe start flying all around us. The customers start freaking out and a few of the girls start screaming. An alert pops up on the tv and on our phones. Hurricane warnings everywhere.

Jacob and I make eye contact, Jacob gestures towards the downstairs.”will everyone fit?”

“They’re gonna have to” he turns towards the small crowd that’s holding the door closed. “Everyone stay calm we are gonna head downstairs to the basement” we head to the door and I lead people to where the basement door is while Jacob and a dude named Gavyn to hold the door closed.

“Everyone’s downstairs you guys ready?” I yell over the threatening wind. They nod and release the door. Within millisecond the wind rushes in and the pressure breaks the surrounding windows. The sound rings in my ears as I fall to the ground, shards of glass digging into my hands as tears roll down my face. Jacob and Gavyn  a few feet from me work their way over to the door. Jacob grabs my wrist and pulls me towards him. We all get to the basement door and rush in and lock the latch as tight as possible.

Darkness comes over us as we hear the crying from young children and frightened people. Gavyn grand my hand and starts yanking the glass from it. Painful shrieks sit on the edge of my lips as I try not to make a sound. Jacob holds me as I cry into his shoulder thinking about Arlo and all the people who didn’t make it to safety. As the night leads on the wind dies down and many of us find ourselves drifting into sleep. Manly from exhaustion and others from just being in such close proximity to others. My eyes flutter as I find myself drifting into the darkness of the night also.

I am gonna end it there I’m sorry but I’ll be back tomorrow with a part  ❤️❤️

Comment down below what you think will happen next⤵️⤵️